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Top trusted brands in 2021

by The 100 Companies

Even through the global pandemic, consumers have brands we trust over others. It often takes a great consumer betrayal to erase a brand’s good, or on some occasions a lifetime of goodwill can be canceled with one poorly timed bad tweet.

Morning Consult’s research in 10 countries shows the top 15 most trusted brands for 2021 are Google, PayPal, Microsoft, YouTube, Amazon, Sony, Adidas, Netflix, Visa, Samsung, Nike, Nestle, Mastercard, Disney and Colgate-Palmolive. The biggest upward movers during the pandemic are Zoom, Peacock and Tik-Tok.

Morning Consult analyzed nearly 300,000 survey interviews with adults 18+ in the month of March.

David Johnson, The OJT 100

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