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Airbnb discouraging some last-minute New Year’s plans

Restrictions limit short-term, high-risk Airbnb rentals ahead of NYE parties

by carlislewillard

The new year is coming, and with it new steps to deter raucous partying at short-term rental properties.

Airbnb is banning renters without a positive history on the rental platform from making last-minute, one-night home rentals for the upcoming New Year’s weekend. The policy also uses technology to spot and block high-risky renters from two- or three-night stays.

That’s a step up from last year’s policy that simply banned single-night stays on New Year’s Eve by renters without a positive Airbnb history.

Last year, the ban on select one-night rentals stopped some 1,500 bookings in Miami alone, the company said.

– Anne Geggis, Florida Politics

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