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2021: Google Year in Search for businesses

Recapping the most-searched terms in 2021 that businesses need to know

by carlislewillard

It’s that time again for the Google Year in Search – here are a few takeaways for the business community:

• The world searched for “how to start a business” more than “how to get a job.”

• “How to ask for a raise” was the top searched “how to ask.”

• “Back-to-work bonus” was a trending search in October.

• Searches for “affirmations” reached an all-time high worldwide.

• The world searched “how to conserve,” “impact of climate change” and “sustainability” more than ever before.

• “How to maintain mental health” was searched more than ever before.

Read a month-by-month breakdown for 2021 Google searches here.

– Ashley Glass, The Oklahoma 100

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