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State earmarks $3M for sub-Metrorail linear park, The Underline

by carlislewillard

The Underline, a 120-acre linear park and trail running below the 10-mile Metrorail in Miami-Dade County, scored another $3 million infusion in the 2022-23 state budget.

Lawmakers approved the earmark requested by Sen. Ileana Garcia and Rep. Vance Aloupis, both Miami Republicans, to match a $2.5 million local set-aside. The funds will buy park amenities, including furniture, water fountains, bike repair stations, Wi-Fi and signage.

The brainchild of local lawyer and advocate Meg Daly, founder of Friends of The Underline, The Underline has already secured $140 million in committed federal, state and local funds. Construction is expected to reach completion in 2025.

– Jesse Scheckner, Florida Politics

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