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‘Condo 3.0’ bill passes to boost safety, board accountability

by The 100 Companies

Malfeasant condo boards that skirt Florida law through legal loopholes may soon face reckonings under a reforms package lawmakers unanimously passed.

The bill (HB 1021) expands records transparency, hurricane protection obligations and prohibits board members from using association funds for defamation action.

It also revises Florida Statutes so state officials can better enforce condo laws and earmarks $7.4 million for expanded operations.

Miami Republican Rep. Vicki Lopez, the bill’s House sponsor, called it “Condo 3.0” because it builds on two prior laws passed after the Surfside condo collapse.

“I fully expect next year to come back with ‘Condo 4.0,’” she said.

– Jesse Scheckner, Florida Politics

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