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The Copperheads’ charitable history of service in Tampa Bay

by The 100 Companies
copperhead charities mural valspar championship

The Valspar Championship has a long history of supporting Tampa Bay area charities, generating more than $45 million in contributions throughout its 40-year history.

The annual golf tournament is operated by the not-for-profit organization Copperhead Charities, Inc. More commonly known as the Copperheads, a volunteer board of Tampa Bay community and business leaders head the organization, which has operated under various tournament names since 1977.

From their Birdies for Tampa Bay Charities program and funding donations for Tampa General Hospital, to this year’s “Back To Bright” mural, Copperhead Charities uplifts the Tampa Bay community with their service year after year.

– Margaret Willard, The 100 Companies

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